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Christmas With The Krampus

In Germanic folklore, Santa Claus has a companion — a hairy beast named Krampus, who takes bad children away from their home, to who knows where. Krampus is typically an evil figure, but, like, if the kids are really that awful, everyone must be glad to see them go, right? I’m just kidding, of course. […]

Sketchbook Sunday!

Just some for-fun sketchbook work from recently.  I’ve recently started doing things with ink, markers, and white gel pens on toned paper, which I’ve really been enjoying! I’d like to make sketchbook posts a very regular thing on Sundays, so, keep an eye out.

A Dream I Once Had

Something I was pretty happy with recently.  This piece is based on imagery from a dream that’s stayed with me for a particularly long time.


Hi, I’m Tatiana Fiermonte.  Welcome to my blog.  I’m hoping to use this to show off work in progress, sketchbook entries, and lots of other fun stuff. Hope you enjoy.